LeaderLight Pro

See better, work faster, save money.

loupe light

LeaderLight Loupe Light, the one piece of equipment you don't have to worry about.

loupe light

LeaderLight's sleek aluminum battery

loupe light

LeaderLight on high power

loupe light

LeaderLight's sleek aluminum case

loupe light

Case fits loupes and light

LeaderLight Pro is the ultimate package for saving time during procedures. You can even use your light while it’s charging. The included composite filter saves you time (and money) by allowing you to continue procedures with a flip. You know your hourly production rate: Let’s say it’s $600/hour. During the average restorative procedure you lose about a minute in adjusting, or waiting for your assistant to adjust the overhead light. $600/60 minutes = $10 per minute wasted. If the procedure takes an hour, that’s $10/hour you could have saved by using LeaderLight. That’s a salary! Using LeaderLight during procedures can save you up to $80 a day in lost production.

LeaderLight Pro includes the light, a battery (and the wire to connect them), a charger, a custom mounting bracket, a composite filter, a shirt clip and loupe frame clip, and a case that fits both your loupes and your LeaderLight. Purchasing the accessories alone costs $569, you save $469 by purchasing LeaderLight Pro.



• 16mm (0.63 in.) wide, 21mm (7/8″) long
• 0.215 oz. (6.1g)


• 0.51″ x 2.38 x 3.51 (13mm x 60.45 x 89.29)
• 3.46 oz. (98g)


• 9 3/4″ x 7 7/8 x 3 1/8

Battery is 89.29mm long.

Battery is 60.45 mm wide.

Battery is 13mm thick.

LeaderLight weighs 6.1g.

Battery weighs 98g.

Case is only 1.524 lbs.

LeaderLight is 21mm long.

LeaderLight is 16mm wide.