For Students

LeaderLight is an economical choice for students.

Dental school costs an enormous amount of money and we know you’re broke. We’d like to do our part by offering LeaderLight Pro to students for a discount. Please Contact us for more details.

LeaderLight Pro Student is a full LeaderLight Pro kit with one battery pack. We offer extra batteries with a student discount as well.

The student warranty is 2 years on the light and 1 year on the battery pack against all manufacturer’s defects. You can purchase an upgraded LeaderCare warranty which covers an incident of accidental damage for only $99.

Group buys for more than 10 lights are a bigger discount, each with free shipping. Contact us to set one up for your school.


We’re confident about our products and our service. We’re positive that once you try LeaderLight, you’ll stick with us for your whole dental career. We know that any time you think of loupe lights, whether for an associate or a friend, you’ll think of us.

A valid .edu address is required at checkout in order to qualify for the student discount.

LeaderLight Pro for Students:

Loupe Frame Style
(ie. Q-Optics Eclipse Ti)

$99 LeaderCare:

Upgraded warranty which covers an incident of accidental damage.

Extra Battery $247:
loupe light

LeaderLight's sleek aluminum battery

Arm Band $12.90:

Arm band keeps battery out of the way and within reach