Is LeaderLight right for me?

Maybe, maybe not. LeaderLight is for the Leaders in dentistry who know what their time and energy is worth, it will never be for doctors lacking foresight. If you value your time and don’t want to deal with problems associated with a new piece of equipment then LeaderLight is for you. After all, our motto is “You don’t have to worry.” If you could afford to lose at least a day of production due to a broken light, and you’ve got the time and patience to deal with the hassles of a product without a worry-free warranty, then by all means purchase a light from one of our competitors. We’ve even linked to them on the home page.

How does owning a LeaderLight affect my bottom line?

You know your hourly production rate: Let’s say it’s $600/hour. During the average restorative procedure you lose about a minute in adjusting, or waiting for your assistant to adjust the overhead light. $600/60 minutes = $10 per minute wasted. If the procedure takes an hour, that’s $10/hour you could have saved by using LeaderLight. That’s a salary! Using LeaderLight during procedures can save you up to $80 a day in lost production. It pays for itself in just 11 days.

How does owning a LeaderLight affect my ability to care for patients?

By seeing better into the oral cavity, LeaderLight allows you to provide a level of patient care that it is greater than an overhead light. The increased contrast that LeaderLight provides, as well as the elimination of shadows, gives you a clear field to work with. This makes your procedures quicker which saves you money and saves your patients time.

How does owning a LeaderLight affect ergonomics?

LeaderLight creates a shadow-free field, and since it moves with your head it means that wherever you look LeaderLight “looks.” You won’t have to crane your neck to see what the overhead light is pointing at, and you won’t have to adjust if your assistant’s tools get in the way of the overhead light. Relax with LeaderLight!

Why do you offer free shipping on all warranty claims? Doesn’t that cost you a fortune?

We don’t think anything is more frustrating than a hidden cost like shipping your light back for a warranty claim on top of not having your light! To answer your second question: we just don’t get that many warranty claims. Paying for shipping actually amounts to very little.

Won’t some people take advantage of your warranty?

Most doctors who purchase LeaderLight are smart and either own or know what it’s like to run a business. Sure, there will be some dishonest people who will take advantage, but we know that most doctors are honest and hard-working.