LeaderBoard Keyboard/Mouse

What is it?

A waterproof keyboard and mouse without cracks and crevices that can be easily wiped down and disinfected.

Why do I need it?

• LeaderBoard saves minutes when setting up and breaking down a room. Just wipe it down like you would the countertop.

• LeaderBoard’s 9″ x 5 3/4″ footprint takes up minimal countertop space and can also be used in your lap.

• Mouse can easily be used with gloves on and wiped down with one wipe.

Plug-and-play compatible with Windows and Mac.


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Recommended Software


Pointix allows for scroll wheel functionality. Install the program and then hold down the right mouse button to turn the mouse into a scroll wheel. While holding down the right mouse button, move the mouse to scroll.

Keyboard Locker allows the keyboard to be locked so that wiping down the board does not cause unwanted key presses. After installation, pressing CTRL+ALT+L locks the keyboard so that it can be wiped down, and typing the word ‘unlock’ unlocks the keyboard for use. Please follow the link for more instructions.