How Microsites Bring More Patients to Your Office.

December 8th, 2012 | Posted by President in Blog

Assuming you have a website and someone who handles your SEO, what else can you do to increase your web presence? There’s a great tool called a “microsite” that you can start using right away. It’s easy to implement and costs around a quarter ($0.25) per month.

“Microsites” can be a confusing topic so I’m going to try to explain it in human terms: say you just moved to a new city and you were trying to get a feel for what’s out there; restaurants, movie theaters, etc. You decide to take an inventory. How? By driving around and looking at the signs in front of buildings.

You drive by a building called “Glen’s Pharmacy” and it’s obvious that it’s a pharmacy. You drive by a building with a sign that says “Charlene’s Notions” and you don’t know what notions are so you forget about it. Finally you see a store called “Rongeur Depot” (I know, weird city.) You think to yourself, “Oh, I bet I can get dental supplies there if I need to.” Most people who drive by Rongeur Depot think “what the heck is that place?” and they forget about it.

One day you rip a shirt and you need a sewing needle but you have no idea where to go. You drive around town looking for a place that sells “sewing needles.” Since you’re not a sewing enthusiast, you have no idea that notions means sewing supplies. You drive around for 45 minutes until you come across a place called “Rhonda’s Fabrics and Sewing Needles.” Perfect!

You could have easily gone to Charlene’s Notions since you already knew where it was, but you were looking for sewing needles, not “notions.”

In the meantime you made a new friend who decides to go around the city and write down the name of every business for you. He’s not very smart, but he also tries to write a little description of the business based only on the sign. Your friend’s name is Google. He drives around town and finds a hundred places with the word “dentist” in the sign. You call him up and say “I need a dentist, where can I go?” He sends you a list of a hundred people.

You then tell him “I’m actually just looking to get dental implants, where can I go for that?” He looks at his list and sees “Dr. Bob’s Dental Implants.” He assumes that they’re the best place to send you because their sign is the most like what you asked for. Other listings said things like: “Doctor Joe’s Dentistry – fillings, root canals, braces, dentures, implants” but he’s not smart enough to break that down. He sends you them on the list too, but they’re much lower because he thinks the place with only dental implants on the sign must be the most relevant.

Dr. Bob happens to have 35 offices in town, each one with a different sign with only one procedure on it like “Dr. Bob’s Root Canals, Dr. Bob’s Dentures,” etc. Your friend puts him on the top of the list whenever someone asks for a specific dental procedure. How many people ask him just for a dentist? Plenty, but the people who ask him for specific procedures are usually doing some research, are looking for second opinions or are shopping for a dentist. They already know what they want and they’re looking for someone who can do it, just like you were when you were looking for sewing needles and not notions.

In real life, opening up a new office dedicated to only one procedure isn’t all that practical. On the internet it’s simple and almost free. If you have a hosting package for your site, each additional site you want to host only costs $0.99-$7.99 per year.

To put into human terms again: Once you have a main office (or hosting package), all you have to do is pay for a new sign and a cardboard box and you have a completely separate office (or microsite).

How much does the main office (hosting package) cost? Less than $5 per month.

Every new cardboard box office (microsite) takes about an hour to set up and costs about $0.25 per month. That amounts to a lot of exposure for not a lot of money. Each microsite is built to attract a different person who is shopping for a specific procedure.

There are companies who will build microsites for you for around $20-50 per month. If you had 10 of those then it would be around $200-500 per month which is cost-prohibitive. I’ve taught a lot of people how to build microsites so I put together a step-by-step video tutorial on how to do it. If you do it with the help of the video tutorial you can have 100 sites up and running for about $25 per month.

For an example of a microsite that was created by a doctor, visit

For more information and to watch the first two videos in the tutorial, visit

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