Bosse inspired whale

May 22nd, 2013 | Posted by President in Blog

Since this is half my business blog and half my personal blog, I decided to write up a little bit about what’s been occupying my time lately. I’m making a bronze figurine of a while inspired by those like Walter Bosse.

Here’s the drawing that I started with (I’m not great at drawing):

whale concept

In order to make the bend, I had the brilliant idea of boiling the wax until it was soft and then bending it. This resulted in the whale being cracked into three pieces. I then patched him together with some different colored wax, hence the strange colors. It won’t show in the final casting. Here’s the almost finished product:

I still have to carve two more “wave” pieces to finish it off and then polish it up, etc. Here’s one of the wave carvings halfway through:

IMG_20130522_181458_417 (Small)

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