Article on the LeaderBoard Disinfectable Keyboard

December 3rd, 2012 | Posted by President in Blog

Check out this article on the LeaderBoard Disinfectable Keyboard published in Dental Connections this month!

Computers are a Recognized Infection Control Problem for Dentists

Traditional keyboards and mice are not designed to address the challenges of use in a dental operatory, presenting infection control problems and actually costing money when used on an ongoing basis.

An ABC News report found that there are 5 times more bacterial colonies on the average office keyboard than on a toilet seat and more can be expected on a keyboard in a dental operatory.

Current solutions include using barrier tape, a minor improvement at the cost of inhibiting the use of the keyboard. Anyone who has used this method knows that it is not ideal. Other solutions include having an assistant with clean hands use the keyboard, a method requiring an hourly wage. These methods cost time and money and don’t work.

What can we do about it?

The LeaderBoard keyboard was designed to efficiently address these issues. The LeaderBoard is a membrane-style keyboard completely sealed in silicone, making it grade IP6 waterproof. This means that you can wipe it down quickly between patients with a standard wipe as if it were the countertop. It has a built-in mouse that is usable with gloves, unlike a touchpad. The LeaderBoard takes up 1/3 the footprint of a standard keyboard and mouse, saving countertop space, and can be used in an assistant’s lap at chairside. The LeaderBoard saves time when setting up and breaking down a room, increasing efficiency. See what the leaders in dentistry have already discovered:

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